Messy Brains, Anyone?

Does anybody else feel like they have so much information in their brains that it’s impossible to organize? I keep thinking I should take up meditation and attempt to de-clutter the years of education, experience, and random useless information that... Read More

Encore Drummers

Much as I like to share my opinions, I also want to allow others to share their experiences with and love of music. Here is the first installment. It shows that enjoyment of music truly is universal and knows no... Read More

People First Language and Christmas in Purgatory

My own editorial on the subject.  I apologize in advance for the academic writing style…I can get on a soap box a little when it’s something I’m passionate about. For those of us who work with and/or have loved ones... Read More

Extraordinary Musical Moment

One of my first experiences using music therapy with kids was with an elementary class of children between the ages of 10 and 13. The primary diagnosis was Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the majority of the kids were nonverbal. I... Read More

Email Update

Okay, we’re back online with The Music Initiative email system. Phew! Learning a LOT about technology that I didn’t know before 🙂 And speaking of technology, if anyone has had trouble downloading the free activity, I this bug has been... Read More


Hi there, I have been experiencing some problems with my mail server and cannot currently view emails sent to or I still want to be available to you, so in the meantime, please feel free to email me... Read More

Welcome to The Music Initiative

Hello! Welcome to The Music Initiative Blogspot. I am Erin Haley, board certified music therapist, and it is a pleasure to meet you! You can read more about my background on the “About” page, but I here I wanted to... Read More